Melbourne Cup Day to Australia Day

At one of my earlier jobs, I remember someone remarking that nothing really happened between Melbourne Cup Day and Australia Day.

The afternoon off for Melbourne Cup Day seems to be the first of a series of long lunches, functions and invitations to be out of office.

After Melbourne Cup comes Christmas functions (both attending and planning, for work and with friends) right through November and December.

Finally the week of Christmas arrives, and with a team lunch (or two) a fortnight out of the office commences.

Thankfully, very little is expected of professionals over the Christmas period, so the break has a chance to be restful.

Then once back in the office, it is time to catch up with the stream of people you missed in the craziness before Christmas.

If you manage to get through the catchup list, as well as the to do list that was left from the break before Australia Day, you should consider that a great start to the year.

Then, like magic, after Australia Day, everything goes back to the productive normalcy again.

There is even time to get this is post finished.