Reading and Reviewing Books

This year I have set myself the pretty aggressive goal of reading a book a week, or 52 books this year. To clarify this goal, while this includes audiobooks that I listen to, the books I read each night to the kids don’t count.

I’ve also set some routines in place to make sure I achieve that goal (but that process is likely another post).

In order to keep track of the books that I’m reading, as well as consider the lessons learnt, I’ll write a quick post about each book here.

These won’t be traditional book reviews though. If you want a traditional review of any of these books there will be plenty of places on the internet to find them. This isn’t one.

My posts will generally fit into the following format:

  • Introduction – a short blurb of the book, similar to what you might read on the back cover but in my own words.
  • Lesson or lessons learned – a quick summary of the key takeaways from the book that resonate with me. Note that most people that go in to read these books will have different takes and some of the lessons might be unrecognisable, but these are things that I’ve learnt from reading that book at that time. No doubt I’ll re-read some of these books in the future and learn very different things. I’ll probably even miss an author’s key message from time to time, but given then quantity of books I’ll be reading, I’m certain the right lessons will be learnt.
  • Actions or to things to do – learning something without doing anything about it is not particularly useful, especially when I’ve put time into learning it. Here I’ll not my plan to implement what I’ve learned reading the book and if I feel brave, I’ll even put dates on my to do list to make the implementation even more likely.

If you have any book recommendations, please feel free to leave them in the comments, or reach out to me using the contact page.